0.5 by Theo Witrylak

Original ideas for a brief for MoS.

A slightly different 'tone' than was desired, but, in my opinion, more in keeping with the identity created by Spin - one I wasn't that keen on at first, but that I now consider really good. Shame it's basically not even been adopted, hence the old logo...

You can essentially see three rounds of feedback here - gradually toning down the texture, colour and finally the pattern itself. 

0.4 by Theo Witrylak

Holy shit, I couldn't get enough of the kaleidoscope feature... this is about one fiftieth of my 'output' from 2013; a dull year.

0.2 by Theo Witrylak

The original idea for Stir Festival identity was to use the 'Shake/Mistake' style of scanning to create the wordmark.

Even 3 years ago, this seemed like a pretty tired and boring idea, which is somehow still being used, notably for the Masthead on Frank Ocean's recent Zine.  Thankfully, these experiments got left in the 'Trendlist.org' bin.

0.1 by Theo Witrylak

These are from the first series of images I cross-processed. Looking to post more things on here soon...

Cross Process 7.14 _ Strada

Cross Process 7.14 _ Gozante

Cross Process 7.14 _ Adige